half asleep.


art girl seduction (do nthing but exist and wait for men to think u weirdhot

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Update: they are Afo students. I hate Afo students. I hated Afo students when i was an Afo student. I hated myself for a time because I was a part of that. I only I hope I was never annoying. I know I wasn’t because I literally did not
Why do people want to broadcast their entire life story in a common area like this like I am judging you so hard I came out here to sit in solitude not hear some bs

I think there are Afo students at the sculpture building and like if I had a nickel for every time I heard one of them say their parents don’t get them and they’ve lived such tuff lives Id be able to buy a bottle of water because I’m about to die of thirst because I can’t afford one myself right now with my rent and my phone and my car and my student loans and everything I’m going to die were all going to die none of this is worth it lmao bye

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